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Genesis Rail Services has over 25 years of experience in the railroad industry with knowledgeable employees in all facets of maintenance of way operations. Genesis Rail Services is capable of handling any maintenance of way tasks facing our customers from plate and tie distribution to piledriving and thermite welding. The list of services Genesis Rail can provide goes on and on, for more information please contact Genesis Rail Services.

Plate Distribution

Genesis Rail Services plate distribution system makes distribution of rail plates a breeze. Our system has the ability to distribute both inside and outside the rail. Plates can be dropped for all your project needs including dual rail, single rail, curved rail, etc.

Tie Distribution / Removal

Genesis Rail Services’ experienced operators have over 25 years of experience in rail tie distribution and removal. Our operators have the resources available for all your rail tie needs including distribution, installation, removal, etc. 

Thermite Welding

Our certified thermite welders are prepared for any project that might arise. With over 25 years of experience, Genesis Rail welders can complete the task in a timely manner in order to keep your track moving.

Track Construction

Genesis Rail Services’ experienced crews have the resources to complete all your track construction needs. Our crews can handle it all from track and switch panel installation to track bed construction.

Grapple Trucks

Genesis Rail Services can provide an experienced operator for all your needs. Our grapple trucks have the ability to assist with tasks such as material handling and debris cleanup both on and off the track.

Rotary Dump Trucks

With our rotary dump truck service, Genesis Rail Services can transport your materials directly to the site without the need to unload from one truck to another.

Backhoe Services

Our backhoe operators have over 25 years of experience in tasks ranging from tie removal/installation, water diversion, material handling and much more.


Our experienced operators are ready to provide piledriving services anywhere in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. With the ability to drive steel sheets, railroad steel, I-beams and various other materials, Genesis Rail Services can handle any task from site stabilization to erosion control.

Excavation / Civil Construction

Genesis Rail Services also provides excavation and civil construction. Our experienced operators have constructed roadbeds, ponds, and drainage systems among numerous other projects.